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08:23 actual Earthquake in Turkey affects Syria and Rojava: At least 100 people killed
08:22 actual Many dead after earthquake hits Kurdistan
14:45 actual ‘Global protests should be held to break the isolation’
13:43 actual Protests of workers and farmers in Iran
13:26 actual Two cases of Şenyaşar family merged
12:42 actual Professor arrested in Kabul for giving books to women
12:03 actual Citizens in Iran and Rojhilat continue to face judicial pressure
10:13 actual Iran bans makeup for women TV presenters
09:49 actual Turkey: 31 women killed by men in January
09:00 women/space “Cejna Pîr Shalyar” celebrated in Hawraman
14:26 actual Iraqi blogger Tiba Ali killed by her father
14:13 actual Call from TAJÊ to women and mothers
13:42 community/life Zenûbiya Women's Community focuses on education
12:11 actual Şenyaşar family: Justice has been sacrificed for an AKP MP
11:53 actual Kurdish Revolutionary Youth: Let's fight the patriarchy together
09:40 editor's pick Song of the day: Jin Jîyan Azadî by Hevra
09:28 actual Villagers returning to their villages after years face special war policies
09:23 actual ‘His ideology has crossed borders, the conspiracy has been frustrated’
14:34 actual Hunger strike started in Makhmur camp against isolation
13:48 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 695th day
13:45 actual 231 Yazidis return to Shengal
13:06 actual Journalist Rojin Altay released
12:37 art and culture She revives Palestinian heritage through mosaics
11:44 actual Iran: Fatemeh Gorji sentenced to five years in prison
11:42 community/life Makhmur resists attacks with its democratic education system in mother tongue
08:29 actual Sociologist Mihriban İlbaş: Political decisions do not prevent violence but increase it
14:40 actual Officers suspended for using violence against woman at Habur border gate
14:09 actual Journalist Mehrnoosh Zarei Hanzaki transferred to Ward 2A of Evin Prison
13:37 actual Sit-in protest for justice enters its 694th day
11:45 community/life More people suffer from diseases in Shahba due to siege
10:45 actual HDK Women’s Council: We will prevail, women will prevail!
09:41 actual Amnesty International calls for urgent action to stop execution of 3 protesters in Iran
08:55 actual Fire breaks out in Keberto camp where Yazidis stay
08:35 community/life From witch hunting to 'my grandmother’s story'...
14:23 actual Women’s Office of TEV-DEM: We want to receive news from leader Apo
13:50 actual Detention period of journalist Rojin Altay extended
13:46 actual Sit-in protest for justice enters its 693rd day
13:43 actual Yazidi women: We support YBŞ and YJŞ
11:07 art and culture Palestinian architect draws old buildings to document them
11:03 actual Women's organizations in Egypt strengthen their struggle against gender-based violence
09:37 ecology Thousands years old Hevsel Gardens face destruction
09:32 actual Woman seriously injured after being set on fire by unknown man in Sanandaj
13:46 actual Two new legal cases opened against Emine Şenyaşar
13:10 actual HDP MPs: Lift the isolation on Öcalan
12:06 community/life Ancient village in Kobanê: Boraz
10:19 art and culture Hanieh Tavassoli to boycott Fajr Film Festival
09:50 actual People of Til Temir demand Abdullah Öcalan's freedom
08:34 politics ‘The revival of ISIS will pose a threat to people all over the world’
08:18 actual Selen Doğan: Media should not normalize violence
14:10 actual Cries of freedom continue to rise in Iran and Rojhilat