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13:55 actual 419 people kidnapped in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî in 2023
12:33 actual Iranian political prisoner Zohreh Sarv on hunger strike for 5 days
12:32 actual Niloufar Ghazaleh arrested with her husband in Isfahan
11:30 actual Women trying to earn living face Taliban oppression
10:35 actual 4 female prisoners in Amed start hunger strike
10:10 actual Israel-Hamas truce extended two days
09:23 actual Lasting grief and anger of earthquake survivors: Those responsible should not go unpunished
07:38 community/life ‘Women should be supported in the workforce'
10:36 actual ‘The 16 days activism raises awareness against gender-based violence’
09:18 actual Former Afghan MP: Women face different forms of violence and oppression in all countries
08:18 actual Call on people of Shengal: Vote for your future
14:51 actual 3 journalists detained in Şırnak
14:39 actual Iranian actor Shailin Asadollahi released
14:34 actual YPJ International calls on all women to unite
13:29 actual Women march in Van: We will break the isolation and attain freedom
12:39 actual Call to women for Afrin: The Turkish state should be held responsible for its crimes
11:39 actual Message of November 25 from NADA: The perpetrators of war crimes must be prosecuted
10:49 actual MKG: We continue to be in solidarity with our colleagues
14:17 actual Another Palestinian journalist killed in Israeli airstrike
13:46 actual Atekeh Rajabi summoned to court after her prison sentence upheld
12:57 actual Displaced Palestinians begin to return to their homes
12:25 actual Many people detained in house raids in three cities
10:27 actual Awareness-raising activities against gender-based violence in Hasakah Canton
10:08 actual ‘264 women and 21 children were killed in Turkey and Kurdistan in the last 10 months’
13:34 actual Urgent call from HEDEP to Foreign Affairs Committee for Istanbul Convention
13:00 actual Turkish Supreme Court rejects Kurdish party’s new acronym
12:28 art and culture Exhibition of Golnar Qasimi in Tehran
10:38 actual ‘The patriarchal mindset in Morocco prevents women from participating in politics’
09:06 actual ‘Women have the power to solve all the problems in the Middle East’
07:41 actual ‘We must organize against attacks’
13:55 actual Two more journalists killed in Israeli airstrikes
13:04 actual Political prisoner Nasim Simiari starts hunger strike in Evin prison
11:47 actual ESP deputy co-chair Beycan Taşkıran detained
11:38 actual ‘We can raise a generation contributing to the development of society’
10:07 actual Domestic violence increases in occupied Idlib
08:16 actual 24 women, 10 children killed in occupied areas of NE Syria in 11 months
13:29 actual Narges Mohammadi taken back to prison after undergoing angioplasty procedure
12:30 actual Magnitude 4.7 earthquake injures 71 in Zahedan
12:21 actual ‘Women can now report violence against them’
10:31 actual ‘Women in conflict zones need feminist solidarity’
09:29 actual Lawyer Asli Pasinli: We wage a war against gender-based violence
09:17 actual Student activist Armiva Pavir transferred to hospital
14:03 actual Iranian journalist Elaheh Mousavi acquitted of all accusations
13:12 labor/economy ‘Awareness should be raised against economic violence’
11:41 actual 45th day of Israel’s attacks on Gaza: 31 premature babies evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital
11:29 actual Floods kill three in Kurdish cities
09:52 actual ‘Women should believe in their ability and strength’
08:26 community/life 10 schools built for displaced children in Til Temir
14:26 actual Rakel Dink: We have been breathing the same air as murderers for years
11:59 art and culture Special Mention from IDFA Short Documentary jury goes to Pegah Ahangarani