Latest News

14:37 actual Sepideh Rowhani arrested by IRGC Intelligence agents
14:00 actual Kardelen Women's House reactivated
13:13 actual Israeli attacks on Gaza enters their 235th day
12:40 actual Kurdish musician Emel Çiftçi acquitted of terrorism charges
12:38 actual Sudanese women learn how to fight in military training camps
10:23 actual Palestinian women in Israeli prisons face inhumane practices since Oct.7
09:05 actual Neighborhood commissions and city councils to be established again
14:57 actual Turkish Ministry of Education approves ‘The Century of Türkiye Education Model’
14:08 actual Women in Germany send hundreds of letters to CPT
13:52 actual Turkish court looks for witnesses against journalist Nurcan Yalçın
13:31 actual Over 2,000 people buried alive by landslide in Papua New Guinea
12:26 actual Israeli strike on Rafah kills dozens
11:41 actual Tunisian teacher organizes workshops on gender equality for students
10:18 labor/economy Laborers' Union of North and East Syria creates new job opportunities for women
09:13 community/life Health system collapses in Baghlan after severe floods
15:18 actual Saturday Mothers: Leave a carnation at Galatasaray Square
14:36 actual Landslide in Papua New Guinea kills more than 100 people
14:35 actual 950 cases of gender-based violence recorded in Egypt in 2023
13:31 actual Bank accounts of Shirin Najafi blocked
13:15 actual 3 children injured by landmine explosion in Libya
12:28 actual At least 87,000 housing units completely destroyed in Gaza
11:07 actual Women of NE Syria: These elections are an important gain of the Women's Revolution
09:45 actual ‘Women lead the fight against climate change’
14:53 actual Afghan filmmaker Sahra Mani receives Mavis Leno Award for Global Women’s Rights
14:03 actual ‘Abortion Service Guide for Healthcare Professionals’ available online
13:17 actual Serious sick prisoner Hanife Arslan transferred to hospital for report
12:53 actual Woman killed in Turkish attack on Manbij
11:25 actual 14 children killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
10:40 actual ‘Where Did You Take Them?’: Campaign against enforced disappearances in Sudan
09:13 actual ‘Women of Mount Kizwan have regained their identity thanks to Kongra Star’
15:05 actual Gender awareness-raising activities started by Amed Metropolitan Municipality
14:15 actual Over 1,400 Israeli academics call on government to end war in Gaza
13:48 actual Call on international organizations to monitor upcoming municipal elections in NE Syria
12:24 actual Social media hashtag campaign by Yazidi women
11:31 actual Civilian deaths in armed conflicts rise by 72% in 2023
10:43 actual Hepatitis spreading among displaced Palestinians in Gaza
09:19 community/life Women workers face harassment in Idlib
08:15 actual 3 journalists released under judicial control
15:28 actual At least 35,647 Palestinians killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza
15:10 actual DEM Party member Senem Eriş subjected to ‘strip search’ in prison
14:38 actual “Berfin” film screened in Qamishlo
14:31 actual Dozens of Palestinians killed in Israel’s attacks
13:07 actual 70 Yazidi families return to Shengal
13:04 community/life Displaced women in Lebanon struggle to survive
10:56 actual New 6-month lawyer visit ban on Abdullah Öcalan
09:45 actual ‘We will tear down capitalism by using self-defense’
15:38 actual Syrian Women's Council holds its 2nd congress in Aleppo
15:26 actual 7th National Cultural Festival for Women's Literature and Cinema to kick off in Algeria
14:00 actual 97 students hospitalized for suspected food poisoning at dormitory in Denizli
13:14 actual UNRWA: Over 810,000 people have fled Rafah in the past two weeks