Women exhibit their handicrafts at Autumn Festival in Sharazur

Women exhibited their handicrafts at the third Sharazur Autumn Festival.


Sharazur- The 3rd Sharazur Autumn Festival was held in the town of Sharazur, the Kurdistan Region. 50 women exhibited their handicrafts at the festival held yesterday. The handicraft products attracted intensive attention.

Geşe Ehmed, one of the women exhibiting their handicraft products at the festival, told us that she had an opportunity to promote her products at the festival.

Şem Osman also exhibited her handicraft products at the festival despite her young age because she likes to show her handicrafts to people and share her ideas with other people. “I promote my handicraft products on social media,” she told us.

Awzên Ferhad is a young woman giving particular importance to folklore and culture. “My handicraft products reflect our culture,” she said.