Iran: 15 women prisoners end their hunger strike

15 Iranian women, who have been held in the Kachoui prison, Iran’s Karaj city, ended their hunger strike.

News Center- On January 2, 2023, 15 Iranian women held in the Kachoui prison, in Iran’s Karaj city, went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of their imprisonment and the lack of medical attention at the facility. Yesterday, the women announced that they ended their hunger strike.

After their families staged a sit-in in front of the prison, the imprisoned women were allowed to meet their families for five minutes. After the meetings, the families announced that the health conditions of the women were very bad due to the harsh conditions of the prison.

The names of the women, who ended their hunger strike in the Kachoui prison are: Armita Abbasi, Elham Modaresi, Fatemeh Nazarinejad, Fatemeh Mosleh Heidarzadeh, Niloufar Shakeri, Marzieh Mirghasemi, Shahrazad Derakhshan, Fatemeh Jamalpour, Hamideh Zeraei, Nilofar Kerdoni, Somayeh Masoumi, Fatemeh Harbi, Eniseh Mousavi, Jasmin Haj Mirzamohammadi and Maedeh Sohrabi.