Women in Iran work for low wages

Iranian women, who work in agriculture under harsh conditions, spoke to NuJINHA about the challenges faced by them and said that their wages are insufficient.


Kermashan- Although women working in agriculture make great efforts, their efforts are invisible. They are paid low wages. They have to work under harsh conditions in many cities such as Urmia, Kermashan and Ilam. In addition, this year's drought, climate change and low rainfall have also negatively affected the agriculture sector and consequently the women working in agriculture. The women seasonal workers in Ilam and Kermashan also face economic problems.

They work more than 10 hours per day

Iranian women are generally deprived of their rights and they have limited job opportunities. Young and middle-aged women can work as seasonal workers in the agriculture sector. These women, who do not receive any support, work more than 10 hours per day in summer and winter despite the hot and cold weather for very low wages.

“I feel older”

Mîlûs is a young woman working as a seasonal worker. “We work from 05:00 in the morning until evening. We have to work in the village and in the agriculture sector. We plant beans, peppers, okra and broad beans in the field. We have to work in both summer and winter despite the hot and cold weather. I am now 38 years old but I feel older. I have no dream. I am very affected by the hot weather. Sunlight burns my body.

She is 60 years old but still works

60-year-old Îrana is the breadwinner of her family. “My husband died. I work in agriculture to earn money for my family. I go to many villages to work in fields.”

Insufficient wages

53-year-old Nazar told us that her husband is unemployed. “I have worked as a seasonal worker for three years. My husband does not work, he is unemployed. Sometimes, he comes with me to work in fields. I have three children and one of them is a student. I am not satisfied with the wages. We are paid very low wages. The wages are insufficient.”