Summer courses in Kurdistan Region turn into businesses

Educator Bêxal Elî emphasizes that the summer courses in the Kurdistan Region have turned into businesses and many children have suffered from many problems due to the wrong education system.


Sulaymaniyah – In summer, many parents send their children to courses, such as language courses, painting courses and music courses. These courses have both positive and negative effects on children. The children attending such courses can suffer from psychological problems, particularly mental fatigue. The parents sending their children to such courses are now aware of the negative effects of the courses on their children. In the Kurdistan Region, the summer courses have turned into businesses and many children have suffered from many problems due to the wrong education system of these courses.

“Children will not have energy for the new school year”

Stating that the summer courses have both positive and negative effects on children, Çalawa Village School Principal Bêxal Elî said, “The positive aspect of the summer courses is that children improve themselves personally and benefit from their new skills in the future. However, children suffer from mental fatigue since they study throughout the year and consequently they have no longer energy to learn new things in summer. Mental fatigue also causes physical fatigue.”

“Activities to relax children are needed”

Emphasizing that summer courses have turned into businesses, Bêxal Elî said that the economic crisis in the Kurdistan Region has left the educators helpless and causes them to use summer courses to only make money. “The economic crisis also affects summer courses. Most summer schools use one system and that is wrong. They should hold activities to relax, de-stress and recharge children.”

“The education system is an incomplete system”

Bêxal Elî stated that the final year students of high school must take lessons from tutors in summer because they do not receive good education at high schools due to the education system. “Students should travel and have a good time in summer so that they will not suffer from mental fatigue. The education system in the Kurdistan Region is an incomplete system. Although some deficiencies have been corrected in the education system, some deficiencies still exist. Teachers and school administrators should learn new teaching methods in order to correct the education system.”

“Money should not be a priority in education”

Underlining that children do not need to attend summer courses in order to improve themselves, Bêxal Elî said, “Children can improve themselves with the support of their families and friends. Unfortunately, money has become important in our society. When parents pay for their children's education, they give more importance and respect to schools and teachers. This idea should be changed by parents and our society because children need to love their schools in order to learn better.”