‘Women will not bow to the Taliban’

The biggest fear of Sadaf Omari, who has been deprived of her right to education by the Taliban, is to be married off. “As women, we will not bow to the Taliban,” she said.


Parwan- Millions of Afghan women and girls have been deprived of their right to education since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. When the Taliban took control of the country, Sadaf Omari was a tenth grader. 

‘My goal was to study archeology’ 

Living in Parwan, Sadaf Omari’s goal was to study archeology after graduating from high school. “However, the Taliban banned all girls and women from attending school. Now, parents marry off their daughters to protect them from the Taliban,” she told NuJINHA. 

‘My biggest fear is to be married off’ 

“My parents want me to study,” she said, “However; they can marry me off due to the current situation. I help my younger brother with his homework. I teach girls English at home. Women and girls face more pressure by the Taliban every day. I have been subjected to insults by the Taliban members for not covering my hair.” 

‘We will not bow to the Taliban’ 

Sadaf Omari added, “Whenever the members of the Taliban threaten women, I feel happier because I see how they are afraid of women. I have decided not to wear a hijab despite everything. As women, we will not bow to the rules of the Taliban.”