Women gathering in Amed: The only way against male-state violence is solidarity

The 25th Interim Assembly of Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers was held in Amed. Women participating in the interim assembly stated that unity makes them stronger and that the only way against femicide and violence is solidarity.


Amed- The 25th Interim Assembly of Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers was held in Amed. During the three-day interim assembly, hundreds of women discussed many issues. As part of the interim assembly, many workshops about sexual violence, women’s shelters, policies against women, the rights of women and children were organized. The women who participated in the workshops shared their experiences.

NuJINHA spoke to some women attending the interim assembly. The women emphasized that the only way against femicide, gender-based violence is unity and solidarity.

“We can stand against male-state violence with solidarity”

Kübra Karagöz, volunteer of Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation:

“On the 25th Interim Assembly of Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers, we gathered in Diyarbakır (Amed). We discussed many forms of gender-based violence. While November 25 is approaching, we once again announce our demands and women’s uprising against violence. We came together to express how women’s solidarity can eliminate violence against women. Such events make us, women, feel better. What we have to do as women is to understand that we are not alone and be aware of the violence against us. The policies carried out against women are deliberative policies. We are seen as second class due to our gender. We can break this cycle by being in solidarity with each other and uniting. With women's solidarity, we can stand against patriarchy, male and state violence.”

“Women in the region are more disadvantaged than the women in the West”

Ümran Taş, member of the Van Bar Association:

“I am very happy to attend the 25th Interim Assembly of Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers. I learned many things during the interim assembly. Women from every city attended it. I saw how we are strong at discussing our problems and finding solutions for our problems. But there is a missing point. We are aware that women in the Serhat Region are more prevented from accessing justice and are more disadvantaged than women in the West. We should work more to reach more women in the region. Supporting and reaching all women in the region will reduce the problems faced by them. We must break the patriarchal mentality preventing women.”

“Women’s struggle can end femicide and gender-based violence”

Dilek Alıcıoğlu Cömert, member of the Fethiye Women's Counseling and Solidarity Association:

“We see that the number of women's counseling centers have increased compared to the past. Before, several women’s associations used to participate in the interim assembly but now hundreds of women and women’s associations participate in it. It is exciting to be here, it is really nice and promising to meet with women in such an event. Unfortunately, the number of femicide cases is very high. The perpetrators are portrayed as heroes and go unpunished. Women’s struggle can end this. All women in the East and the West must struggle together against femicide. Such events give us the opportunity to get to know more women and their situation.”

“The achievements of women are taken from them”

Münive Dağ, member of the Adana Association for Women's Shelters and Solidarity:

“As the association, we have been carrying out activities against gender-based violence in Adana since 1994. Women are subjected to violence across the country today; women are not left unprotected. If a woman's finger bleeds in Diyarbakır, we feel her pain in Adana. Violence against women happens everywhere and women’s struggle is the only way to end it. Women must protect their cause and rights. We struggled to gain our achievements; however, our achievements are taken from us. But, I am still hopeful; we will get back our achievements after 2023. I am 73 years old and I am here today because I feel younger as I work for women. We will keep struggling despite all the obstacles.”