Wave of arrests and detention in Iran and Rojhilat

While the uprising in Iran and Rojhelat continues, the Iranian regime continues to detain and arrest many people.

News Center - The protests that sparked in Iran and Rojhilat following the killing of Jina Mahsa Amini by Iranian so-called “morality police” continue. Many citizens have been detained and arrested for participating in protests or supporting protests. A young Iranian woman named Parisa Sohrabi has been released on bail after being held in custody for more than 40 days.

21 journalists, including Nastaran Farokheh, have also been released on bail. Nastaran Farokheh, journalist from Shargh newspaper, was arrested and her laptop and phone were confiscated by the security forces. 55 journalists have been detained in Iran since the beginning of the national protests, according to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). “So far, only 22 media workers have been released, all of them on heavy bail and waiting for a court date,” the IFJ said in a statement.

Two women arrested in Kerman

According to the local sources, the security forces raided the homes of two women named Roha İmani and Firoza Sultani and arrested them. The laptops, phones and books of the women were reportedly confiscated by the security forces.

Members of the Iranian Writers’ Association arrested

Roozbeh Sohani and Amin Moradi, members of the Iranian Writers’ Association, have been arrested after the security forces raided their homes. The reason for their arrest and detention are unknown.

More than 16 people arrested in Rabat

According to the local sources, the security forces raided many homes in the city of Rabat and arrested more than 16 people for their social media posts.