Javanrud besieged by Iranian forces

The Iranian regime has reportedly besieged the Javanrud city of Rojhilat Kurdistan. Many citizens have been arrested in home raids.


News Center- The protests that sparked in Iran and Rojhilat Kurdistan following the killing of Jina Mahsa Amini continue in its fourth month. The Javanrud city of Rojhilat Kurdistan is one of the cities that face oppression from the Iranian regime. Many members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were sent to the city on the fourth day of the killing of protesters by security forces.

The members of the IRGC prevented the people from entering the cemetery. When people resisted, the members of the IRGC opened fire on them; one protester was killed and many injured. In an interview with NuJINHA, one of the citizens of the city named F.M. said, “We were on our way to Kermanshah in order to go to hospital; however, we were stopped at one of the checkpoints. Security forces searched our car and checked my spouse’s mobile phone. They checked his social media accounts. We were asked why we were going to Kermanshah. There are military forces and police officers in plain clothes everywhere in the city and around the city.

‘They were transferred to unknown locations’

B.M., a lawyer in the city of Javanrud, talked about the psychological pressure in the city by saying, “Many protesters have been arrested and transferred to unknown locations. Their families do not get any information from them and they cannot report their arrest to the press because they are threatened by the IRGC. Most of the arrested people were forced to accept the accusations against them. In the fourth month of the protests, the city is under siege. The entry and exit of goods are not allowed. People suffer from high prices and food shortages. But the worst thing is that people are arrested every day; women and men are arrested and transferred to unknown locations.”

‘Parents are beaten’

N.A., a psychologist in the city, said, “The city of Javanrud is besieged. There are military forces everywhere. The city has turned into a nightmare for the parents. The parents are concerned about their sons and daughters. Every morning, security forces and military forces raid homes in the city and arrest young women and men. When their old parents try to prevent them, they are beaten by security forces.”