Hoda Sadeghi arrested in Ilam

Hoda Sadeghi was arrested by Iranian security forces in the city of Ilam at the commemoration ceremony held for Mohsen Qeysari on his death anniversary.

News Center- Iran has launched a new wave of arrests against people including activists, protesters and artists. According to the received reports, Hoda Sadeghi, one of the citizens attending the commemoration ceremony held at the Behesht Reza cemetery for Mohsen Qeysari, who was shot dead by Iranian security forces last year during the “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” protests, has been arrested and taken to an unknown location by Iranian security force.

Local sources reported that Iranian security forces attacked the people attending the ceremony held in the Haniwan town of Ilam on Thursday (September 21) and arrested Hoda Sadeghi, her father Mahmoud Sadeghi and Mohsen Qeysari’s brother Mohammad Hossein Qeysari. The arrested people have been reportedly taken to an unknown location.